Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2016

KOSTBAR # 20 # Corderelo! w/ Pedrolito

Kostbar's 20th episode anniversary in the middle of a beautiful spring evening... Lamb in the oven, red argentinian Malbec in the glases and good friends around. Lovely having Katja back and  our special guest, the cumbia minister Pedrolito, mastermind of the Paris' party Muevelo and well known for his mixtapes Folklore Digital. And he brought the perfect soundtrack to this evening...

Listen here :: KOSTBAR # 20 # Corderelo! w/ Pedrolito ::


2,3 kg lamb shoulder
100 gr carrots
100 gr onions
100 gr spring onions
100 gr garlic
fresh rosmarin, thym
salt, pepper, olive oil

500 gr rice
500 gr boullion

300 gr tomatoes
300 gr cucumbers
300 gr spring onions
fresh persil
salt, pepper, olive oil

Montag, 9. November 2015

KOSTBAR # 019 # Waterzooi w/ Rebel Up Soundclash

Another KOSTBAR outside of the homebase: this time in Bruxelles with the Rebel Up Soundclash aka DJ SebCat & DJ LeBlanc - a collective well known for the parties they throw in Amsterdam and Bruxelles and for their fine global tunes selection, remixes and edits. AND they are excellent cooks... preparing this time the traditional flemish Waterzooi on an alternative way, talkin a lot, drinkin a lot of the fanatstic local brew and listening to the right soundtrack!

Listen here :: KOSTBAR # 019 # Waterzooi w/ Rebel Up Soundclash ::


1 good chicken (around 1,5 kg)
500 gr white or green celery 
500 gr carrots
500 gr leek
200 gr cream
fresh persil
salt, pepper, 
olive oil

Donnerstag, 3. September 2015

KOSTBAR # 018 # The forest CuBe w/ Mar & DJ Click

Catalunya > Girona > forest CuBe - a huge artistic space in the forest and close to the sea, where we met Mar and DJ Click. What an amazing night - surrounded by cicadas, bees & fire, with plenty of catalan wine, small calamares and rape, fresh and on the grill and with the soundtrack choosen by DJ Click.

Listen here :: KOSTBAR # 018 # The forest CuBe w/ Mar & DJ Click


1 kg small calamares
1 kg rape (monkfish)
500 gr eggplants
500 gr red pepper
3 lemons
fresh persil
salt, pepper, olive oil

Donnerstag, 11. Juni 2015

KOSTBAR # 017 # Milanese w/ Figli Di Madre Igniota

Kostbar goes Milano! On the menu this time - cozze impepata, scampi, pesce and live music. All well mixed & shaked with good friends and great musicians aka la banda milanese Figli Di Madre Igniota. Buon apetito!

Listen here :: KOSTBAR # 17 # Milanese w/ Figli di Madre Igniota

Mittwoch, 15. April 2015

KOSTBAR # 016 # Lamb & Flute w/ ShamAnne

First lady visit at Kostbar = best one till now!!! Our guest ist Anne Lorenz aka DJ A-Lo from Cologne's Mash it up! crew - huge music lover, dj and digger. Worldwide famous is she like ShamAnne producing the richest flute tunes mixtapes out there. If this is not a reason to start the spring with a special prepared lamd shoulder...?! Enjoy!

photos by BASH
Listen here :: KOSTBAR # 16 # Lamb & Flute w/ ShamAnne


1,5 kg lamb shoulder
300 gr onions
300 gr carrots
200 gr red beet
200 gr pastenaki
garlic, herbs, salt & pepper
olive oil

500 gr potatoes
fresh herbs (thym)
olive oil, salt & pepper

Sonntag, 15. März 2015

KOSTBAR # 015 # Roulades 2.0 w/ Mr. Salinas

Can a greek be dj, capoeirista, backgammon master and sexy symbolon (for Katja and a whole city) at same time?! Yes, he can - Mr. Salinas aka Maozinha aka our good friend Spyro is also a big music and food lover and our special guest in this new KOSTBAR episode. Also incluided - philosophy, Ex-Yugoslavia and cooking a very special roulade + pumpkin fries in sesam. Enjoy!

Listen here :: KOSTBAR # 15 # Roulades 2.0 w/ Mr. Salinas


4 slices beef meat for roulades
50 gr black olives (separated from stone)
1 small pepper
1 small onion 
2 peaces of garlic
salt and pepper
olive oil

1 butternut pumpkin (pealed and cutted in slices)
100 gr sesam seed
salt, pepper, olive oil
backing paper

Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2014

KOSTBAR # 014 # Irish Stew w/ Gypsy Box

Winter Time = Stew Time! In this epsiode of KOSTBAR we cook the irish one - with vegetables and a good piece of meat and with a Guinness... in the sauce and in the glass. Drinking & cooking with our special guest Gypsy Box enjoying his stories about swing Manouche, brasilian batucada, latin roots and japanese restaurants. 

Listen here :: KOSTBAR # 14 # Irish Stew w/ Gypsy Box


1 kg beef meat
100 gr carrots
100 gr celery
100 gr parsnip
250 gr Guinness Beer
250 gr beef boullion

thym + rosemary
oil, salt, pepper

1 kg potatoes
bunch of spring onions
100 gr butter
100 gr cream 
salt, pepper